Gym Talk Vol. 1

In this new ‘Gym Talk’ series we wanted to kick it off by diving into an important topic in the fitness industry: Influencers.

The Top 5 Ways to Navigate Through the ‘Influencer’ Storm

If you are on social media, you have likely seen hundreds of influencers trying to sell you the next best thing. You will see these influencers selling you a tangible product like some supplement you are told you cannot live without, or indirectly, by selling you a ‘look’ by chiseled bodies littering your instagram feed.

So how do you navigate through the storm?

First things first – everyone is different, no two bodies are the same. And so many factors go into your health and fitness journey. Where you are at in your journey, may not be where that ‘influencer’ is in their journey.

Influencers tend to live behind a bit of a curtain. They are protected by not always having to reveal the whole truth since most people don’t know them personally. Some can be transparent but you have no way of knowing if that is legitimate or the WHOLE truth.

Without further ado, here is our top 5 list of navigating influencers you see on social media.

1st: Doing your own research into a certain product/supplement/diet is always recommended. Don’t just take anyone’s word for it. Look at the science and proven/unproven aspects behind it

2nd: Does that said product/diet align with your goals at this particular time? For instance, if you are more than 50 pounds overweight, you might not need that protein supplement right now. instead let’s focus on making smart decisions with real food to get the initial weight off, to a more manageable range. Let’s also focus on correct workouts and good recovery methods!

3rd: Is that ‘influencer’ your age, gender, height/weight, etc? If not, chances are you might not want to pickup what they are putting down. Like we said, everyone is different, and at different stages in their life and fitness journey.

4th: Do your research behind the person. Much like the 1st point, don’t take Chiseled Chad or Toned Tiffany seriously until you see some credentials! You wouldn’t let a doctor operate on you without a medial training, certifications, etc would you? Don’t let a ‘personal trainer’ give you advice without something to back it up too. Some popular certifications (if not a full college degree) are ACE, NASM, ASCM, ISSA and more. If they are pitching a diet, food, or supplement, they better have a nutrition certification at the very least, if not be a registered dietician.

5th: Your fitness journey is the most important thing to base everything off of. Are you just trying to get in shape? Are you training for a specific event? A particular workout or way of working out might not be the best fit for the goal or body you are trying to achieve. Even if it’s claimed to be the most effective or burns the most calories.

In Conclusion:

It’s great to have high goals and dreams to chase, just make sure you don’t get lost along the way. Enjoy the view, value the journey, and focus on the facts and fundamentals. At the end of the day if you eat fresh, whole foods and move your body more days than not, you will be going in the right direction!

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