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I know what you are thinking, I want a specifically tailored workout plan to fit my abilities and needs – that’s the beauty of the Tr3s Method. These workouts were specifically designed, and tested, to build the foundation and sharpen the tools you have, all in one workout. The workouts are really the first of their kind.

The Tr3s Method workouts are built upon the three principles of moving the human body – Mobility, Strength, and Endurance. No matter who you are, you can benefit from these workouts.

The Tr3s Method is simply for everyone. It is up to you how you incorporate it and scale it to your ability, to get the most out of each workout, for your exact needs. The couch-to-5k’er, all the way to professional athletes, utilize the Tr3s Method. If you hit the gym on a regular basis, or just like your current routine, then incorporate the Tr3s Method into your weekly workouts as a supplement, 1-3x a week. Tr3s method workouts are also effective as a standalone exercise routine, to build a solid foundation. If this is you, we recommend performing Tr3s Method workouts 3-5x a week. You can choose different workouts each time you exercise, or the same workout for a few weeks in a row before changing it up.

Tr3s Method workouts are around 30 minutes long, usually consisting of a few rounds, so you can scale and adjust to your ability or time limit. Tr3s Method workouts also require little to zero workout equipment so they can be performed anywhere, anytime – home, hotel, outdoors, anywhere.

Wondering where to start? Find out your plan HERE, or visit the next blog post below.


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