The Diary of a Busy Life


It’s no secret – we are all busier than ever, and sometimes there just seems not to be enough hours in the day to fit everything in. We like to say we live full lives

With living full lives; jobs, families, chores/errands, etc, it can be tough to get in a workout. Plain and simple. Of course it’s also no secret that it is all about prioritization. What needs to be done, and what can wait; and admittedly its tough to prioritize things like working out or eating.

Part of the reason it can be tough is because those things take time. Or do they?


I think we all believe to eat healthy, we need to meal prep for hours every Sunday, go out of our way to a special grocery store to purchase only organic, fresh ingredients, and have all the special tools to prepare said meals. Then we have to work more to pay for this expensive food! It’s a lot of work all around!

The truth is, it doesn’t need to be. We won’t dive into all nutrition tips, tricks, and helpful info – that is for another blog. We’re also not registered dietitians, but you can definitely make it work along the same avenues you are traveling now. For example – overnight oats vs. 15mins of preparing an egg and veggie omelette with toast every morning.


The other misconception is you need to exercise for an hour-plus to really make it count. If you only get 15mins in, you feel like you barely did anything! How are you supposed to lose weight or get that goal physique, if you are only working out seemingly a few minutes a day?!

As we get older, yes, we need to warm up more, we need to stretch more, and we need to show our bodies a little more TLC. But…

The beauty of specific, well programmed workouts is effectiveness. When you are driving to your destination, and you turn on your GPS, you want to take the shortest, most efficient, direct way possible to get there, correct? Think of your workouts as the most efficient, direct way to get to your destination goal body weight/look/performance.

Your workouts shouldn’t be an hour, just to be an hour. They shouldn’t aim to just burn a certain number of calories every workout either, but thats a side street we’ll take at a later date too. Your workout should be so specific, that it is exactly what your body needs, at that specific time.

If your body feels exhausted, going to workout for an hour may do more harm than good. Your Central Nervous System (CNS) may be fried and it just needs a break. By taxing it even more you may be stressing it more and putting it into a position where it isn’t effective in reaching your goals.

And likewise on the opposite side, if you are really feeling good, energized, and ready but your ‘plan’ calls for an off day, why take the off day?

Bringing It All Together

We all live busy lives, we all want to eat healthy, and exercise, but sometimes the day is gone before we know it.

The question of the day is – How can I fit in a workout if I don’t have time?!

You do have time, and you can fit it in, and here’s how.

If you have a busy (or full) day already you are probably running around more than normal right? Ok, so we need to count that as something right?! Your body is already in motion more than it is used to, and while it’s not the same as a workout, or carry the same effects, it is still movement, it is still something.

Your body has been stressed all day, so we don’t need to fit in as big of a workout; and you might even need MORE calories on these days.

If you can see a day like this coming, wake up 15 mins earlier and crush out an interval workout. Or take a few minutes to do one or two rounds of a Tr3s Method workout at night. Something is better than nothing, and it may be exactly, and only, what your body needs that day.

Fit it in where you can. Don’t worry about a pre-workout meal 2 hours before, and then some quick burning simple carbs 30mins before to optimize performance. The body is FAR more resilient than that. You can get a great workout in without following some of these ‘traditional rules’ people swear by. And unless you are an elite level, olympic or professional caliber athlete, you probably don’t need to eat and time things out like that anyway.

In Conclusion

Having a library of workouts to choose from at a moments notice will help you in your quest of prioritizing a workout while leading a busy, full life.

Having a library of specific, effective workouts will help you that much more. The Tr3s Method was founded upon years of research and real-life experience in training very busy people and discovering the best way to get the most effective workout in.

By combining Mobility, Strength, and Endurance into high intensity, interval based conditioning workouts, you are able to work many systems of your body, all at a less regular basis, than hitting the gym for a specific body part or hours of cardio each day.

The great thing about Tr3s Method workouts is you are able to incorporate these into your current plan, and it will enhance it, not hinder it.

These workouts were developed for someone specifically like you and that’s what we are proud of – because we are those people too!


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