A Structured Approach to Speed

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NAME: Sean Ennevor

AGE: 50

HOME: Wayzata

What is your fitness background?

I’ve pretty much run all my life. While I was in college, medical school, and residency, I found running to be a great outlet to keep moving. I’ve also played soccer and rugby, but the great thing about running is it is simple. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get ready and you don’t need other people to do it. It provide

s you with time for yourself. You get to be outside, connect with nature, and move with purpose. It reminds you that you don’t need a car to get around.

Why did you start working with Tr3s?

A few years ago, I decided to try running marathons. I entered a few and was happy with my results, but I wanted to get faster. My half marathon times were fairly speedy, but I was having trouble maintaining that pace for the full 26.2 miles. I usually managed to finish the run just through sheer will, but I often felt there was more potential there. I thought I could benefit from working with someone who was accomplished and could provide some sound advice.

One day, my wife saw Luis at gas station, fueling up truck with the Tres Sports logo on the side. She thought he looked like an endurance athlete—someone who had learned the benefits of a structured approach to training (rather than simply following online research, like I was doing). She got in touch with him and gave me a training package as a birthday gift. I started training with him in the spring of 2017.

What have you learned from working with Luis?

I had never worked with an endurance coach, and I expected a prototypical track coach with a stop watch in hand as I did fartleks or time trials. I wasn’t anticipating being at the gym, which is what Luis brought to the table. We began doing exercises that help muscles transfer energy or develop core strength. As a physician, I knew that all these accessory muscles are involved in running, but I didn’t know how to recruit these muscles as an athlete. Luis pushed me to think of running as a whole-body activity. 

It sounds like hard work. What keeps you going back?

Some of my favorite workouts have been at the track or out on a trail with Luis. He’s faster than I am, so he plays the rabbit and I chase after him. He’s been able to pull the extra effort out of me that I need to maintain that pace. Before I know it, I’m doing under-7 minute miles repeatedly or under-6 minute miles. I just focus on the small of his back and keep going, without looking at the watch. I’m less focused on the time and more attentive to how my body is performing in the moment. Those workouts are effective and fun. 

What benefits have you seen from your sessions with Tr3s?

My resting heart rate used to be about 60 beats per minute. Since I started training with Luis, it has dropped into the 40s. I’ve also learned a lot about nutrition—what to eat or drink during a race or a long workout. And I’ve learned to be less fixated on the time during any given workout and more fixated on my effort. The result is I’ve gotten faster by focusing on what I can do rather than on how much time has elapsed.

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