Product Review – Get a Grip


This is not a sponsored post or a paid ad. This is our honest, unbiased review of a product created by Luis Leonardo of Tres Sports.

The all new Gorilla Grip. This product was created and focused toward climbers, adventurers, or anyone wanting to increase their grip strength. We also found it was successful in just plain using different muscles we hadn’t used before and a new way to work with old routines and weights.

The Gorilla Grip features 2 ‘grips’ made of a composite wood design approximately 7 inches long by 4 inches wide with different types of grips on each side of each end of the product. This allows the user to work different grips, some harder than others – almost solely using the absolute tips of your fingers on one side!

We found this product to indeed be effective on working your grip, especially when climbing. Have you every been to Vertical Endeavors or another type of climbing facility and your grip, forearms, and finger tips totally spent and sore after a workout, especially the next day? That is what the Gorilla Grip will do for you. It really mimics that action/effect and what we assume would leave no doubt in effectively training to be a better climber or just a stronger grip.

It’s a very new product, so time will tell, but so far we approve!

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