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About Tr3s Method

Tr3s Method (or Tres Method) was founded upon the 3 basic modalities of moving the human body – Strength, Mobility, and Endurance. Tr3s is also Spanish for three which comes from our Founder Luis Leonardo’s background as a former professional triathlete for Team Guatemala.

Back in 2014 Luis met Adam McGuire, another personal trainer at the time (with the same birthday!) who shed similar training styles and beliefs on health and fitness. Fast forward 4 years and Tr3s Method was born over a training session and cheese curds!

Luis wanted a way to bring is physical, independent, private personal training studio – Tres Sports – to his clients that traveled a lot or couldn’t make it due to our *fun Minnesota Winters.

Adam wanted to bring his belief of health and fitness to an aging generation inside their home, but without all the windshield time.

When they started talking it out, it was soon realized the two, could be one in the same. The excuse of – “Oh, I don’t think I am your demographic” was challenged, the idea of an overall, scalable workouts for any age or fitness ability was born.

People try and make fitness too complicated; looking for the next shortcut, or tweak of doing an exercise that will be the golden ticket. The truth is nothing beats fundamentals, hard work, consistency, and fun.

Tr3s Method workouts are 30 minute workouts consisting of intervals and rounds to target Strength, Mobility, and Endurance, with fun names!

Wether you workout at home, or are always on the go, you’ll still be able to get in a quality workout, that gets you closer to your goals.

 About Tr3s Method Founders


Born and raised in Guatemala. Luis is a former triathlete and runner with a passion for endurance sports. It was his passion for sharing his love for sports that set his foundation to become a trainer. He has been helping people for over two decades now and loves the opportunity to work with new people. He sees each individual as a unique situation and understands that fitness must not fit in just one box or one style. His main focus today is leveling individuals on 3 different categories, mobility, strength, and endurance. To him these are the main gears of every human and if you don’t try to level those 3 areas, at some point in life you will regret not balancing them. Seeing kids play, and learn, has been a great tool for Luis, as he sees fitness the same way a child develops/learns; going from crawling, to squatting, to walking, to running, to climbing, to jumping, to pushing, to digging, etc.
Hundreds of people have had the opportunity to work with Luis and for him, each individual is always a different journey. He tries his best to boil things down to the very basics to help them see how much value there is on learning all the fundamentals very well. Developing a very a balanced foundation of mobility, strength, endurance will help the longevity of any person. If he can accomplish that with a client, and also show them the value of hard work, consistency, patience but must importantly to keep things fun; he feels accomplished.
Luis has done several endurance events such as Sprint to Ironman distance triathlons, 1 mile to 26.2 mile running races, he has biked across the USA on a single speed bike raising awareness for human trafficking and has held a plank for 30 minutes to fight sex trafficking. His fitness journey has had several highs but has also had several lows such as injuries and over training. He likes to tell the people that his experiences in life have been his best teacher, and has shaped him into the trainer that he is today.
Luis is a born entrepreneur, creating over 4 fitness exercise tools since opening his own gym, Tres Sports in 2017. He also carried his passion for creating to develop the Tres Method style of training www.tr3smethod.com.
Luis loves keeping things very simple this days and he finds balance/happiness in life by waking up early. 4 a.m. is his go to wake up times, 5 to 6 days a week/each week. He also finds happiness in simple things like taking cold showers, doing intermittent fasting, working at his gym helping clients, coaching Tres Method workouts, having quiet time, and most importantly focusing on one day at a time, one minute at a time.
Luis loves food and cooking, so he makes the effort each week to try to cook simple nutritional meals at the end of day (dinner), playing with his kids outside, going on walks or bike rides with his wife and brewing some good coffee before he sees his first client of the morning


With a background in running and interval training himself; with a personal training background in extreme weight loss (>100lbs to lose), Adam is a dedicated fitness professional by night, and marketing and advertising professional by day. Adam a 10-year training veteran, is certified by the American Council of Exercise with continuing education certifications in sports conditioning, Nutrition, Core Stability, and Cardiovascular Health and Fitness.

Adam enjoys all things health and fitness having ran races of all distances 1milers to Marathons, to climbing mountains, swimming, enjoying cabin life, and tending his ever growing gardening obsession!

He enjoys walks with his dog Major, spending time with his wife and family, and may also enjoy a pizza or two.


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