The 15 to 5

Equipment Recommended

– Dumbbell or any Weight

15 to 5. Mysterious right? Don’t think too hard, we wanted to hit you with a workout this week that challenged your body, not necessarily your mind too! The 15 to 5 implies that in the first round you start with 15 reps for the first bunch of exercises and each round after that you decrease by one rep. SO the 2nd round you would do 14 reps, 3rd round 13 reps, all the way to 11 rounds which would be 5 reps of everything if you can make it that far!

Because this is a tried and true Tr3s Method workout, we still had to throw you a curveball and challenge the mind a *little* bit. The 5th and 6th exercises don’t follow the rep scheme above, Mountain climbers and in-place sprints will always be 20 seconds and 25 seconds respectively.

It may sound tricky, but instead of thinking reps at the end of each round when you are taxed, just zone out to some endurance pieces that don’t change.

Start with Pushup Tap/Tap then transition into Founder Pulls. KB swings and Goblet squats round out the 4 exercises that change reps each round. Pretty standard workouts too, nothing tricky or that you haven’t done before.

Round it off with that 20 sec mtn. climber and 15 sec sprints like discussed above and that’s one round. Can you get all 11 rounds in before the 30min time cap?

As always, scale to your ability!

Follow along with Coach Luis below in our new video format. We take you through one full round of the workout, step by step! Plus enjoy the new angle 😉


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