The Lucky 7

Equipment Recommended

– Dumbbell or any Weight

Do you have the lucky hand? Roll the dice to see if you can conquer The Lucky 7 today!

7 reps or 7 reps each side for almost every exercise in each round. The only exceptions, exercise #7 and #9, but #9 is a multiple of 7 😉 9 exercises total, because 7 would have been too easy, and predictable – we gotta keep you on your toes!

Start things off with front taps then right into high squats. Transition into donkey kicks and founder pulls, then pushups. So far, so good, all 7’s and nothing out of the Tr3s Method ordinary.

Ah you couldn’t get that lucky could you? We had to throw a new exercise in – One leg balance – to work on that balance of course, especially after a lot of leg work.

After the one leg balance piece, we get right back into the bread and butter, to strike 3 in a row in the form of mountain climbers, explosive jumps, and KB swings to finish off one round of The Lucky 7.

Let’s aim for 3-4 Rounds or 30 minutes is the goal! But as always, scale to your ability!

Follow along with Coach Luis below in our new video format. We take you through one full round of the workout, step by step! Plus enjoy the new angle 😉


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