The Orange Juice

Equipment Recommended

– Dumbbell or any Weight

You ever heard of the saying the Juice is worth the squeeze? The end goal is worth the hard work – and with this workout, it is no different!

We kick things off with Side squats, alternate arm pulls and sumo squats to test all 3 Tr3s Method modalities.

Going back in that order Burpees, KB Swings, and Perfect pushups with taps face you next. These difficult, compound movement workouts will be worth the sweat to get you to your goals. Lastly, one last sip for good measure with explosive jumps and a fast run for 20 seconds to cap it off.

7 fantastic exercises await, hard work will pay off!

As always, scale to your ability!

Follow along with Coach Luis below in our new video format. We take you through one full round of the workout, step by step! Plus enjoy the new angle 😉


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