The Piece of Cake

Equipment Recommended

– Dumbbell or any Weight

This workout should be a piece of cake right? Maybe not workout and eat cake aka – have your cake and eat it too?

Not here, sorry!

This is a fairly high volume workout, to tackle those high volume cake calories you might be consuming later 😉

Archer squats and mini jumps, 14 each side await you at the beginning, the first bite is always the tastiest.

GI Joes and CPJs are up next to get you through the first 3 modalities.

As you can see, this is a pretty standard Tr3s workout from an exercise perspective, kind of like sugar, flour, and eggs to a baking recipe. This is whipped up to a tasty perfection of a good workout though!

Figure 8s, Spider pushups and jumping lunges are your next 3 exercises, with the Figure 8s being the only new one to this group – but we have a feeling you have done something similar so you will be alright!

We round out the Piece of Cake with 2 classic exercises to put the cherry on top – pun intended. 20 sec fast run in place and 12 Kettlebell Swing and pulls.

You should be looking for 4-5 rounds or 30 minutes for this workout, whichever comes first.

As always, scale to your ability!

Follow along with Coach Luis below in our new video format. We take you through one full round of the workout, step by step! Plus enjoy the new angle 😉


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