The Volcano Workout

Equipment Recommended

– 2x Dumbbell/Weight

If you like a good interval, HIIT workout, the Volcano workout is for you! If not, still give it a shot, you wont be disappointed!

The Volcano contains 7 movements, 3 of which are different variations of tap lunges with a shoulder press. If you have any shoulder limitations, just take that part out to scale it. Starting off, are lunge taps to the front. Standing in place, perform a lunge where at the bottom of the movement you reach out to tap the weight by your toe. For all these lunge tap variations we are doing 12 reps each side with a light to moderate weight. After you perform the ‘tap’, lunge back up and brace your core to do a standard over head shoulder press.

Next, we are performing bear rows. While on all fours, with weights in your hands, raise your knees about 2 inches off the ground, and then perform a row, alternating arms. If you prefer, use the same weights you used for the lunge taps. Bear rows are difficult so keep it light at first and focus on a strong core, and not swaying side to side. You want your entire body to try and stay still and in place, with only your arm moving at the shoulder and elbow joints.

Now, we move back to the lunge taps, but this time to the side. Again, this motion is like a lunge to the side, or an Archer squat, with you tapping your weight on the ground at your toes at the bottom of the lunge motion. Then stand back up straight to perform your shoulder press.

Perfect pushups are next on the list, followed back to your final movement of the lunge taps. The last version of the lunge taps is a reverse lunge, where you rotate behind you to perform the tap. Watch the video below to see how to perform this workout!

Finally, we reach our last 2 exercises, 12 front rack squats with your arms elevated to 90 degrees, and 30 seconds of fast, but controlled mountain climbers.

Finish strong on this workout!


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